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Hot Fun in a Cool Place Presented by Target





Marcus' and Slim's mural consists of two parts, each taking up two walls. The first part [top] features a woman using her fingers as binoculars to view her surroundings through a different kind of lens. The second part [middle] features running animals and flying birds and insects along a mountainous coastline with a line of various size waves. [Bottom:] Slim [at left] and Marcus pose in front of the finished work.     Photos by Craig Smith

Artists, visitors collaborate on a mural that blends traditional symbolism and a bit of graffiti

Finished work on display in Lincoln Gallery until Aug. 18

It took six weeks to create, but it only has days of life left in the Lincoln Gallery before it's taken down to make room for a new exhibit. So don’t miss seeing the "Hot Fun in a Cool Place" mural!

The mural was created by two young American Indian artists, Thomas “Breeze” Marcus (Tohono O’odham) and Jeff Slim (Navajo). A fusion of the two artists’ styles, the work blends traditional symbolism from both artists’ backgrounds including Marcus’ experience as a graffiti mural artist.

Created to be a collaborative public mural, the landscape portion of the mural was created with students from the Labor of Love program, a youth art class held by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. This group of American Indian youth was the first and the last members of the public to paint on the mural.

Members of the community came during each of the four Saturdays in July to assist in the filling in of the mural which the artists designed to be in a “paint-by-numbers” style..

The Heard Museum is proud to host such a vibrant one-of-kind representation of Marcus’ and Slim’s work. Designed as an ephemeral piece of art work, the mural will be on display through Sunday, Aug. 18.

-- Jaclyn Roessel,

Heard Museum director of education








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